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Excellence in Media Awards 2015 Winners


Veterans versus the VA
Barry Davis, Michael Vela and Michael Humphries, KENS 5, San Antonio, TX



Veterans Court helps Texas Vets stay out of Prison
Lauren Silverman, KERA Radio, Dallas, TX

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Veterans Court to soon be implemented in Hays County
Kelsey Bradshaw, The University Star, San Marcos, TX

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For some Veterans, real battle is showing vulnerability
St. John Barned-Smith, Houston Chronicle, Houston, TX

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Veterans Day 2014: Real faces of courage
Billy ...

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Excellence in Media Awards 2014 Winners


The VA Waiting Game by Mat Garcia
Lee Carpio and Blake McCarty, Dallas, TX

The work helped bring awareness about the abnormal wait times Veterans go through to get the important compensation and health benefits promised to them for their service. The segment illustrated the efforts by the Texas Strike Force to fix this problem so Veteran’s lives can be improved.

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Veterans Funds by Chuck Schechner
KRLD Radio, Dallas, TX

Schechner’s segment on Veterans Funds made people aware of a simple way ...

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Excellence in Media Awards 2013 Winners


Strike force teams to target VA backlogs
Mike Warren, My Fox Austin, Austin, TX

One of the biggest issues and struggles facing returning Veterans is the long wait to receive disability benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Warren reports on the TVC Strike Force Teams – an initiative that has impacted the wait times and the claims process in Texas. It is important for the public, including Veterans, to be informed of the status of the claims backlog and ...

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