Apply for the 2024-2025 Grant Cycle till Dec 4, 2023

The Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) is now accepting applications for grant funding through the Fund for Veterans Assistance (FVA) Grant Program.

All organizations interested in applying for a 2024-25 FVA grant should…

  1. Read the 2024-2025 Governance Documents listed below thoroughly.
  2. Watch the 24-25 Application Webinar.
  3. Visit the TVC Grants Portal to begin your application.
  4. Email any questions about the application/process to Answers are posted online twice a week on Wednesday & Friday afternoons.
  5. Save this URL for updates and more information,

Submit your application by 5PM CST Monday, December 4th.

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2023-2024 Grantees

Awarded Grantees are ineligible to apply under the same Grant Program they have been awarded.

Renewed Grantees are eligible to apply under the same Grant Program and to be considered for future funding must submit an application.

2023-2024 Awarded Grantees

2023-2024 Renewed Grantees


2024-2025 RFA Frequently Asked Questions

Applicants requesting information about the 2024-2025 Request for Application must submit their questions to:

TVC staff will post the questions and answers twice a week on Wednesday & Friday afternoons.

RFA FAQ’s Wednesday (Oct, 4th 2023)

We were awarded for the 2023-2024 grant period, do we have the option to renew or must we reapply for future funding?

Refer to the 2024-2025 RFA, 4.8 Not Eligible to Apply: Who cannot apply for a grant, paragraph 4.8.6 on page 12.

Our organization is a for-profit organization potentially applying for grant funding under veteran business services. How do we access the TVC Grant Portal?

Refer to the 2024-2025 RFA, 4.8 Not Eligible to Apply: Who cannot apply for a grant, paragraph 4.8.2 on page 12.

RFA FAQ’s Friday (Oct, 6 2023)

Does the VCSO need to be a full-time employee of the county? Can a county employee serve as a grant coordinator?

In order to be a VCSO grant, the VCSO must be the project manager. If another county employee is the project manager, the grant is submitted as a regular grant, not VCSO. So a county employee can be a program manager for a General Assistance, HTX, or VMH grant, it will just not be classified as a VCSO grant.

If we were renewed for the 23-24 cycle, can the 24-25 application be submitted with a lower budget amount?

As long as the organization is not eligible for renewal, the 24-25 grant cycle is a new cycle to submit applications as the agency desires. There is no dependency on the previous grant cycles.

Under Annex B 2024-2025 Grant Program Requirements; Appendix 1 General Assistance Grant Program; Transportation Program & Services, it states Veterans & Surviving Spouses only. Is this a typo or are dependents not eligible for transportation services?

Please refer to the RFA and all appendices to determine eligibility of clients and services available for each grant program.


RFA FAQ’s Wednesday (Oct, 11th 2023)

How do we upload the Minimum Required Financial Documentation?

Please refer to the FLUXX user guide located at

Our current grant is specifically for free trips to VA hospitals only. With our new 2024-2025 grant, we want to greatly expand the free trip purposes to include everything covered in the RFA.

If the grant was a renewed grant this year, the new application is not based on the previous one and can be submitted how the organization prefers.

Our organization is a Unit of Local Government, do we need to submit an IRS Tax determination letter regarding non-profit status.

Please refer to the RFA, 4.15 Application Package, 4.15.3, on page 14.

We are currently awarded a VMH grant are we eligible to apply for another grant in a different grant Program?

Please refer to the RFA, 4.4. Number of Applications per Organization and 4.5. Number of FVA Grants per Organization on page 11.

RFA FAQ’s Friday (Oct, 13 2023)

The Application Portal ask the following question, What types of eligible beneficiaries from the United States military components will your organization serve with TVC grant funding? If we selected the option "N/A. This grant project will only serve eligible dependents and surviving spouses" will this override other selections in this question.

N/A would be chosen only when Surviving Spouses or Dependents would be the only clients served in the grant project.


RFA FAQ’s Wednesday (Oct, 18th 2023)

Can nonprofit organizations that are 501(C)(3) apply for a TVC grant?

Please refer to the RFA, 4.7. Eligible Applicants: Who can apply for a grant on page 12.

Can Universities apply for grant funding through a foundation?

Please refer to the RFA, 4.7. Eligible Applicants: Who can apply for a grant on page 12.

What steps are needed to validate our organization?

Please refer to the user guide, slide 15, that can be found on our website at

On “People documents” on the people page. Is that for a resume?

Only fields with a red asterisk are required fields to submit. Please refer to the RFA for which documents are required for specific personnel.

Is there a repository of previous year questions and answers? This might be useful to review as we begin our submission.

No there is not. The RFA changes annually so that questions and answers from previous submissions may not be applicable now.

What types of items would be allowed under Peer Support Grants.

Please refer to the RFA and all appendices for items that are eligible under each service category. Also review the RFA page 9, for prohibited use of grant funds and page 10 for unallowable expenses.

Can more than one service category be included in a grant program?

All grant programs must choose one service category from the options available.

Is it possible for TVC to share a preview of the entire application?

It is not possible to post the questions as they change depending on the grant category and responses to previous questions.

RFA FAQ’s Friday (Oct, 20th 2023)

We were awarded for the 23-24 grant period and in the TVC Grant Portal our grant is label with an "A-Award". Can we submit an application to ensure we are considered for funding in the 24-25 grant period?

Refer to the 2024-2025 RFA, 4.8 Not Eligible to Apply: Who cannot apply for a grant, paragraph 4.8.6 on page 12.

Is an institute of higher education eligible to apply?

Refer to the 2024-2025 RFA, 4.8 Not Eligible to Apply: Who cannot apply for a grant, paragraph 4.8.3 on page 12.


RFA FAQ’s Wednesday (Oct, 25th 2023)

As a non-profit organization do we have to seek assistance from our Veterans County Service Office to apply for a grant as indicated on section 2.5 of the RFA?

All organizations must submit their own application and VCSO’s will submit for their county with the VCSO as the program manager.

RFA FAQ’s Friday (Oct, 27th 2023)

I have gotten the following message in the portal "Your organization has not been validated." What do I need to do to get validated?

Please refer to the grants portal user guide that can be found on our website at

The information on how to validate your organization starts on slide 15.

For HTX grants there are three sub-service categories. How do we estimate each and how will these estimates affect our award?

Estimates should be based on historical projects from your organization. The estimates do not affect the award as they are only estimates.

If we are an awarded grantee, do we submit an application for the upcoming grant cycle?

To determine if you submit a new application, review your current grant. If in the top blue header it states: Award Type: A-Awarded you do not submit an application. If it states: Award Type: R-Renewed, you must submit a new application if your agency wishes to be considered for funding.


RFA FAQ’s Wednesday (Nov, 8th 2023)

We offer two separate programs that qualify under Peer Support Services. Can we put in an application for each of these?

Please refer to the RFA posted on our website. Page 11, Section 4. 2024-2025 Funding Opportunity and Application Submission Requirements. 4.4 and 4.5

If we are a 2023-2024 non-renewed grantee (eligible for renewal consideration for 2024-2025) are we able to apply for a new grant under a different subcategory?

Please refer to the RFA posted on our website. Page 11, Section 4. 2024-2025 Funding Opportuninty and Application Submission Requirements. 4.4 and 4.5

Please clarify the liability insurance that is required.

Please refer to the RFA posted on our website. Page 14, Section 4. 2024-2025 Funding Opportunity and Application Submission Requirements, 4.15, for all required documents to be submitted with the application.

It appears that there is no space in the new system to describe in detail what we do and why. Did I miss something?

Application questions can change yearly. Please respond to the questions in the FLUXX system as asked.

The TVC Grants Portal Access and Initial Application Guide indicates that we need to add documents in the organization document section. What are we required to add?

All required fields are indicated by a red asterisk. If there is no red asterisk, they are not required to be submitted.

RFA FAQ’s Friday (Nov, 10th 2023)

None submitted

None submitted


RFA FAQ’s Wednesday (Nov, 15th 2023)

For Veterans Mental Health - Service dogs - what would constitute a regular mental health and depression assessment for veterans receiving a service dog?

Veterans’ should be under the care of a mental health professional and receiving assessments through that individual.

Where can we find the examples of acceptable beneficiary eligibility documents?

The documents will be uploaded to our website for the 2024-2025 year, prior to the beginning of the grant cycle.

Will adding individual people to the people section hold up anything in the applications if we have already been validated?

Adding people to the organization should have no effect on validation.

RFA FAQ’s Friday (Nov, 17th 2023)

Our application was submitted with an incorrect form. Is it possible to amend or withdraw the application to upload the correct information?

Once submitted, applications cannot be withdrawn or altered in any way. If the document submitted with the application is not correct, the applicant will be contacted during the eligibility screening to provide additional information.

If one user starts an application, can another user complete and submit the application?

Any user can work on a grant application after a moderator has started it and got it through being validated. Once the application is complete, only a moderator for the organization can submit the application.

Can a VTC send 4 team members to the National training whose salaries are not paid through grant funding?

The grant will fund up to 4 court members to attend the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) Annual Conference and the Texas Association of Specialty Courts (TASC) Annual Conference.

Where can I find a list of qualifications for the individuals seeking assistance? Or is it left up to the Grant it is written for?

Please refer to the appropriate appendix for the grant service category being submitted. They can be found on our website at

We are a unit of local government and do not carry a professional liability insurance and/or malpractice insurance policy, rather we are self insured. What documents do we need to submit to show proof of being self insured?

Organization that are self insured must provide a copy of the organizations policy stating they are self insured.



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