The 2016 Texas Veterans Commission Excellence in Media Awards are now open!


The Texas Veterans Commission is pleased to announce the 2016 Excellence in Media Awards. Each year the Texas Veterans Commission presents these awards to recognize works in media published or presented during the preceding year that have been exemplary in researching, reporting, writing and/or production to foster public understanding on veterans’ issues. It is free to submit a nomination.

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For more information, contact the Texas Veterans Commission at:

Texas Veterans Commission
P.O. Box 12277
Austin, TX 78711





Program Objectives

The overall purpose of the Excellence in Media Awards is to recognize members of the media that have been exemplary in researching and reporting on veterans’ issues and in informing the public on issues affecting Texas veterans. The Excellence in Media Awards also seek to recognize publications and programs that meet one or more of these objectives:

  • educate the public about the different issues affecting veterans and/or programs that the Texas Veterans Commission and the state of Texas has implemented to meet the needs of veterans in Texas;
  • educate the public about veterans’ lives (e.g., transitions from military to civilian life, receiving disability compensation, health issues that can result from time in service) and/or the role the Texas Veterans Commission plays in the lives of veterans, their dependents and survivors; and
  • encourage public support for programs for veterans by informing the public about current legislation, bills, and government and community programs that affect Texas veterans.

Selection Criteria

The Texas Veterans Commission has established the following criteria for selecting entries to receive Excellence in Media Awards:

  • extent to which entry addresses the Excellence in Media Awards purpose and objectives;
  • educational value of veterans’ programs or issues reported;
  • impact on, or outreach to, the public and veterans;
  • thoroughness and accuracy in presentation of issues;
  • creativity and originality in approach to subject matter and effectiveness of presentation; and
  • demonstrated technical skill in production of entry.

Notification and Awards Presentation

The Texas Veterans Commission will notify winners of the Excellence in Media Awards after the Fourth Quarterly Texas Veterans Commission Meeting. Awards will be presented during the Texas Veterans Commission Annual Statewide Training Conference.

Please note that all entry materials become the property of the Texas Veterans Commission and will not be returned. Programs or products funded or developed by or in association with the Texas Veterans Commission are ineligible for the awards. The Commission reserves the right to not make an award in a category.

Deadline for submissions is June 1. Please be aware that all information submitted to the Texas Veterans Commission is subject to public disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act.

Programs or products funded or developed by or in association with the Texas Veterans Commission are ineligible for the awards. The judging committee reserves the right not to name a winner in a category.


Award Categories and Specific Requirements

  • Television includes news reports, features, entertainment, documentary, etc.
  • Print includes news stories, features, story series, op-eds, blog posts, etc.
  • Photojournalism includes a photo or series of photos used to tell a story
  • Radio includes news, features, and public service announcements
  • Student includes print, photography or broadcast works produced by student journalists contributing to a media outlet of a college or university

Entry and Eligibility Requirements

The Texas Veterans Commission may disqualify any submission not meeting the following entry requirements:

  • Entries must have been originally published, produced or presented between January 1 and December 31, 2015.
  • Entries must indicate all co-producers or co-publishers, if any, involved in the development of the entry.
  • Non-English language entries, accompanied by an English translation or transcript are eligible.
  • Entries should be on a single subject or issue or otherwise address a cohesive theme. They cannot be treated as representative of work not submitted. Accordingly, a multi-part story series is eligible, but “body of work” entries are not.
  • For all print and photojournalism entries, links to the “original” work (either URL to web version of story or URL to print version in pdf or other published format) are preferred.
  • For entries in the television category, please provide a link to the respective video in the entry form.
  • Radio entries may be submitted either via an email attachment (along with a completed entry form) or via a URL posted in the entry form. Clearly mark title, airing information, and running time and delete all commercials, long lead-ins, and breaks.
  • For any entries with online content, all content must be clearly indicated and remain publicly accessible via a single URL throughout the judging period (June 15 – August 31).
  • There is no restriction on the number of entries publishers and producers may submit. Particular entries, however, may be submitted in only one category. Recognizing that certain entries might be eligible under more than one category, the Texas Veterans Commission reserves the right to consider entries under another category than that submitted.