On-the-Job training programs allow Veterans to learn a trade or skill through training on the job rather than by attending a formal program of classroom-based instruction yielding a degree or certificate.



For more information and to request forms, email education@tvc.texas.gov

The following are basic guidelines for an approved OJT:

  • Provide training opportunity for a position not already qualified for through prior training or experience
  • Training no less than 6 months, no more than 2 years
  • Job training has an objective with training outline
  • Training leads to entry-level position
  • Adequate space and equipment provided
  • Supervision at least 50% of training/work time
  • Specific recordkeeping requirements and signed agreements
  • Provide Non-Commission Based wages
  • Beginning wage at least 50% of fully trained employee wage
  • Minimum one wage increase during the training period
  • Ending wage at least 85% of fully trained employee wage
  • Not applicable to Federal, state, and local government OJT programs


How can I build a Training Program Outline?

Visit Occupational Informational Network or ONET at https://www.onetonline.org/find/ to find tasks associated with the specific occupation.

What is required in a Training Program Outline?

A clear and concise training outline helps ensure the value of an OJT program and is required for approval. The training outline must consist of all skills required to perform job, processes and techniques used to train, and length of time spent on training each task.

Can the OJT be approved for training that is less than 6 months?

Generally no. The SAA will not approve jobs that require brief periods of experience to obtain and perform the job satisfactorily. Occupations which have significant training requirements less than 6 months will be reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis.

What can I expect after submitting my application?

A program specialist will be assigned to review the contents of the application and will work with you until requirements are met. Once it is decided the OJT will be approved, a compliance specialist will visit your location and determine adequate space and equipment is available to trainees. The program specialist will also provide you with the appropriate training required for adequate record keeping and teach you how to navigate the appropriate forms and systems to certify your veteran employee.
Click here for a flow chart of the approval process.

What is the minimum hours per week authorized for VA Benefits?

The employer work week must be at least 30hrs per week for consideration of VA approval.

Once the trainee achieves journeyman wage, can he/she continue receiving VA Benefits?

No. VA benefits are not authorized for periods after trainees receive journeyman wages. Receipt of journeyman wages are evidence that trainees have reached the journeyman level. The trainee may continue in the OJT program, but benefits will be eliminated at that time.

What are the employer benefit of being a VA-approved OJT program?

  • Recruitment – Helps in recruiting employees that are mature, well disciplined, know how to follow directions, work well as part of a team, have good leadership qualities, and other positive work habits Retention: entry level employees who are receiving monthly subsistence checks from the VA are less likely to look for another job just for a marginal salary increase
  • Company Directed Training – The employer directs the training, thereby ensuring the eligible employee becomes familiar with your work processes, methodologies, equipment, policies and procedures
  • Economic Development – Establishments with approved programs provide an important service to their communities. National statistics show that VA dollars can turn around in a community as much as three times. Every VA dollar paid to a Texas veteran directly benefits the economy in Texas.
  • Possible Tax Savings through Work Opportunity Tax Credit – Employers may receive a tax break for hiring veteran under qualifying conditions.



For questions and additional information, please contact:
(512) 463-3168 OR Education.Approvals@tvc.texas.gov.