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The Veterans Mental Health Department (VMHD) mission is to train and provide technical assistance to Service Members, Veterans, and their Families (SMVF) peers, licensed mental health providers and mental health organizations, community- and faith-based organizations, and state agencies on the impacts of military-related trauma and the individuals who have been military trauma-affected (MTA).

Military trauma-affected SMVF often have difficulty accessing timely mental health resources due to factors, which include; an individual’s difficulty in recognition of their mental health needs, lack of resources available upon recognition of mental health needs, difficulty accessing mental health resources, and a lack of community-level awareness of military-related traumas resulting in mental health conditions. The VMHD provides military trauma-informed training and technical assistance to create greater awareness of and access to mental health resources for SMVF.

Additionally, the VMHD provides training and technical assistance to agencies and organizations spanning the Texas Criminal Justice System in an effort to improve diversion and mental health treatment options for justice involved veterans who have suffered military-related traumas.

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Military Veteran Peer Network

Peer-to Peer Support through training, technical assistance, and certification to Local Mental Health Authority-based Military Veteran Peer Network (MVPN) Peer Service Coordinators (PSCs) and their Peers to create a statewide network of military trauma-affected Veteran peer support.

Provider Network

VMHD’s Provider Network is designed to encourage licensed mental health providers to: engage with each other in sharing practice tool, tips, and techniques which increase the likelihood of positive and ongoing interactions with SMVF peers needing clinical services; provide timely and relevant information on evidence-based, research-informed, and emerging best practices in clinical services to SMVF; and assist providers in better understanding the SMVF community.


Justice Involved Veterans

Using the GAINS Center’s Sequential Intercept Model for JIV, the VMHP works with criminal justice system agencies and organizations to: encourage trauma-informed responses to justice involved Veterans who have suffered military-related traumas; encourages community-based solutions for JIV; and assist with development of state and national JIV-focus curriculums designed to increase jail diversion and decrease recidivism.

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Community Partners

VMHD works to increase military trauma-informed community- and faith-based organizations by: encouraging local SMVF-serving collaborations and committees are provided training about the trauma-affected SMVF community; including Moral Injury all conversations with and trainings for community- and faith-based organizations and agencies; and connecting community collaborations and committees with statewide, curated resource listings.