Fund for Veterans' Assistance

2020-2021 Request for Applications (RFA)

The Fund for Veterans’ Assistance will publish the Texas Veterans Commission 2020-2021 Requests for Applications at 11:59pm CDT on Saturday, August 24, 2019. The application period will close at 5pm CDT on Friday, October 25, 2019.

Applications for grants in General Assistance, Housing 4 Texas Heroes, Veterans Mental Health, Veterans Treatment Courts, and Veterans County Service Officers must be submitted in the TVC GovGrants portal before the deadline. Organizations may register for an account starting August 24, 2019 at the same time the Request For Applications is published on our website.


2020-2021 Request for Applications (RFA) Webinar

August 22, 2019 @ 10AM CDT
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The 2020‐2021 Grant Application webinar will cover basic information about the 2020-2021 Fund for Veterans’ Assistance Request for Applications in General Assistance, Housing 4 Texas Heroes, Veterans Mental Health, Veterans Treatment Courts, and the 5% set-aside in funding for Veterans County Service Officers.

Staff will highlight changes from previous years’ RFAs and discuss the new web-based application process in the TVC GovGrants portal.


GovGrants will open for organization account registration and application submissions on August 24, 2019.


total Grant funding


Veterans, dependents & surviving spouses served


Grants Awarded


Grants & Funding Opportunities

Grants in General Assistance, Housing 4 Texas Heroes, Veterans Mental Health, Veterans Treatment Court, and Veterans County Service Officer grants are awarded yearly in May by the Commissioners of TVC. Applications for Highly Rural Transportation grants are no longer accepted.


General Assistance

To address the needs of Texas Veterans and their families. Includes limited emergency assistance; family and child services; transportation services; legal services, excluding criminal defense; and employment, training, education, and job placement assistance.


Housing 4 Texas Heroes

To assist Texas Veterans and their families in obtaining, maintaining, or improving housing. Includes home modification assistance, homeless Veterans support, Veteran homelessness prevention, and housing assistance for families of Veterans being treated at Texas medical facilities.


Veterans Mental Health

To address the mental health needs of Texas Veterans and their families. Includes direct services to Veterans in clinical counseling, peer-delivered services, and non-clinical support services.


Veterans Treatment Courts

To assist Texas Veterans access specialty courts integrating a non-adversarial approach between prosecutors and defense attorneys to promote public safety and protect the due process rights of justice-involved veterans in Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) programs established under Texas Government Code § 124.001-.006.


Veterans County Service Officer

To assist Texas Veterans County Service Officers (VCSO) addressing the needs of Texas Veterans and their families. Five percent of the total funding available for GA, H4TXH, VMH, and VTC grants is set aside for applications in General Assistance, Housing 4 Texas Heroes, and Veterans Mental Health with the VCSO listed as the Project Coordinator.


Highly Rural Transportation

To address the lack of transportation resources Texas Veterans face when trying to access medical care. Targeting veterans in highly rural (fewer than 7 people per square mile) counties where travel times are typically longer, or whom have difficulty organizing transportation for VA-arranged, non-VA medical appointments.

News & Updates For Grant Applicants

Stay up to date with the latest news and information for applicants on the FVA award process, questions about applying for grants, and more from the Fund for Veterans' Assistance.


FVA Grant Eligibility

Is your organization eligible for a grant from the Fund for Veterans' Assistance?

Grant NameUnits of Local Government501(c)3 Nonprofits501(c)4 Veterans Service Organizations501(c)19  Posts or Organizations


EligibleEligible if authorized to do business in TexasTexas Chapters EligibleEligible


EligibleEligible if authorized to do business in TexasTexas Chapters EligibleEligible


EligibleEligible if authorized to do business in TexasTexas Chapters EligibleEligible


EligibleNot EligibleNot EligibleNot Eligible


EligibleNot EligibleNot EligibleNot Eligible


Closed for
Not EligibleNot EligibleClosed for

Not Eligible

  • Individuals
  • For-profit entities
  • Units of federal or state government, including state agencies, colleges, and universities
  • Organizations that have not fulfilled or maintained all legal requirements to operate in the State of Texas
  • Organizations that do not have current operations in Texas or a Texas-based chapter

How To Apply

FVA grants help Texas units of local government and qualified nonprofit organizations to address the needs of Veterans and their families in their local communities.

Applicants are required to complete and submit the application on the TVC GovGrants portal.  Paper applications are no longer available, required, or accepted.

  1. Identify the funding opportunity best suited for your veterans service program:
    • General Assistance
    • Housing 4 Texas Heroes
    • Veterans Mental Health
    • Veterans Treatment Court
    • Veterans County Service Officer.
  2. Read the Request For Applications for the relevant funding opportunity.
  3. Email questions about  funding opportunities, the application, and application process to Staff will answer questions in the FAQ tab of GovGrants on a weekly basis during the open application session.
  4. Register for a single organization account in the GovGrants portal (if your account is currently active, navigate to the first phase in your main menu). This one account is used for all applications submitted by the organization. Click here for more information on registering in GovGrants.
  5. Register and watch the grant application webinar.
  6. Read the GovGrants application instructions for help navigating the GovGrants interface and application.
  7. Fill out your profile so staff can contact you with news on the application process (please update this contact information yearly, or as grant staff contact information changes)
  8. Create your application in GovGrants, gather and attach the required authorizations/documents, and complete all the required fields.
  9. Submit the application in GovGrants before the application deadline. After the deadline has passed, the GovGrants portal will lock down and no longer accept applications. FVA staff is not able to re-open applications for any reason, including computer or technical difficulties.

Please Note: Only applications submitted in GovGrants will be considered for funding. The Fund for Veterans’ Assistance no longer accepts paper applications.