Frequently Asked Questions on how to access the TVC Grants Portal will be answered on this page.

Here are the topic areas for Frequently Asked Questions about 2023-24 TVC Grants Portal System Access:

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Questions specific to your organization’s grant application or proposed project will not be answered.

I do not see my submitted question on the FAQ page.

Questions may be changed prior to posting to ensure they are general questions that applies to all organizations. Please read all FAQ categories that relate to your submitted question, to see if the response has been posted:

Questions regarding how to complete the application cannot be answered.

We registered in the portal and did not receive a reply within the 2 business days as stated when we registered.

Sometimes messages from the TVC Grants Portal do not get through your organization or domain’s spam filters. All organizations attempting to register for TVC grant funding should verify with your IT Administrator that automated emails from the email domain are not blocked.

As shown in the  TVC Grants Portal User Guide, the automated email confirming registration and providing further instructions will come from

Your IT Administrator should adjust server and mailbox settings to allow all communications from the email domain so that future email notifications are not blocked.

After whitelisting the domain and address above, if you and your IT Administrator cannot locate the automated email, complete these steps:

  1. Visit the TVC Grants Portal at this URL:
  2. Enter the email you used when completing your registration into the Username field.
  3. Click “reset or create password”.
  4. Enter new password for first time access.

Questions and Responses About Account Registration

I attempted to open my account in the Govgrants portal and was told my account is disabled. Any assistance with this would be invaluable.

All organizations must register in the NEW TVC Grants Portal found on Apply Home.

If we are already registered on the old portal, do we still have to register for the new portal?

If an organization is seeking grant funding for 2023-2024 grant period, the organization must register in the NEW TVC Grants Portal.

We are a County government with a VSO and VTC program. We seek funding for both. In the Grants Portal, should the top left dropdown menu in the portal list two organizations (the programs), or just one (the County)?

The county is the organization and all applications should be listed under the organization name.

We want to edit our organizations tab but it is not letting us after we saved and started to “apply for funding”. Can we go back and make edits once the organization is validated?

Once an organization has been validated, their organization information cannot be changed.

It states that our organization has not been validated.

Please refer to the TVC Grants Portal User Guide, page 21. Select Submit AFTER the Save and Close in order for the organization to be validated.

We are still having problems completing account registration and validation. Help!

Please watch the Q&A and step-by-step walkthrough of account registration, setup, and validation in the new TVC Grants Portal:
Watch the Recording | TVC Grants Portal User Guide

Questions and Responses About Moderator Users

Can our organization change our primary or secondary moderator at a later time, if needed?.


After our account is created, how do we add an additional/secondary moderator, not just a user?

Secondary moderators must register the same as the first moderator.

Questions and Responses About Organization Users

Once we have registered our 2 moderators, can we add a user who is a grant writer?

Please refer to the TVC Grants Portal User Guide page 5 for information on additional users.

How do we assign roles to users within the portal?

Please refer to the TVC Grants Portal User Guide, page 18.

Does each of the individuals who will have a part in the application and performance of the grant require a separate set of login credentials?

Organizations determine which individuals they want to assign user roles to.

Can other users within the organization besides the moderator, work on the application?

Please refer to TVC Grants Portal User Guide, pages 5 & 18 for additional users. All additional users may work on grant applications.

Should the contacts in the TVC portal be the same ones in the “People”?

Organizations determine who the contacts should be for each area.