Veterans Mental Health Grants

Awarded programs provide counseling and treatment to veterans and their families with grant funding. Services address diagnosed conditions in order to improve their quality of life, relationships, outlook, and successful integration with their communities, including:

Clinical Counseling

Services and treatment that include evidence-based practices for diagnosed conditions or co-occurring conditions including but not limited to: trauma and stress related disorders, anxiety disorders; mood disorders; suicidal thoughts and behaviors; substance use disorders; Concerns related to identity; adjustment disorders; and marriage/family/relationship concerns.

Peer-Support Services

Services based upon the premise that an individual with a “lived experience,” in this case military service, is uniquely able to contribute to the rehabilitation and recovery of those needing services. Services are provided to veterans and their families in a non-clinical environment from trained/certified individuals. Services may include but not limited to: operation of Peer Networking centers, support groups, information and referral services, advocacy, technical assistance, life skills training, and other direct services.

Veterans & veteran families, need assistance?

Visit Assistance Directory to find current TVC grant-funded services and assistance. Contact the organizations in the Assistance Directory for more information or to apply for available help.

Services and assistance available through these organizations is not charity. It is only made available to eligible beneficiaries, in recognition of your service to and sacrifices for your country.


Organization Grants Awarded Yearly

The Fund for Veterans’ Assistance administers the Commission’s Veterans Mental Health grants to local governments, non-profits, and veterans service organizations. The Fund (or FVA) does not award funding directly to individuals or families.

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