Frequently Asked Questions About Using The New TVC Grants Portal

Frequently Asked Questions
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All questions on using the TVC Grants Portal interface must be submitted to with “2023-24 Portal Usage [topic inserted here] Question” in the subject line of the email.

Here are the topic areas for Frequently Asked Questions about 2023-24 TVC Grants Portal system usage:

Responses Posted Tuesdays and Fridays

Questions specific to your organization’s grant application or proposed project will not be answered.

I do not see my submitted question on the FAQ page.

Questions may be changed prior to posting to ensure they are general questions that applies to all organizations. Please read all FAQ categories that relate to your submitted question, to see if the response has been posted:

Questions regarding how to complete the application cannot be answered.


Questions and Responses About Resources

Is it possible to get a black and white copy of the portal users guide suitable for printing so that we can refer to it as we work through the portal rather than switching between web site screen?

Due to the new portal, and updates to the User Guide, TVC will not provide a print option.

What number can applicants call if they are running into technical difficulties with the portal site to obtain help?

All questions should be sent to

Questions and Responses About System Messages

The application states:
Your organization has not been validated. Please edit your “people” and “organization” and update any required fields before completing this application.

I do not know how to fix this problem.

Please refer to the TVC Grants Portal User Guide page 15.

After reviewing the portal again, we are still not able to access the application. Request assistance with the following system error:
“Unable to promote. These error messages were found: Compliance Warning.”

Please refer to the TVC Grants Portal User Guide for the steps required to apply for grant funding.

Need some assistance with the portal. I’ve completed and updated all of our people and organization information, my next step is to apply for the opportunity. However, I keep get the message below. Please advise if it’s okay to move forward or is there something else I need to complete?
“Your organization has not been validated. Please edit your ‘people’ and ‘organization’ and update any required fields before completing this application.”

Please refer to the TVC Grants Portal User Guide for the steps required to apply for grant funding.

Questions and Responses About Other Topics

The wrong service category was selected for my application. How do I change the grant category to the correct one?

Please refer to page 24 of the TVC Grants Portal User Guide, which addresses withdrawal of applications. You will then need to create a new application in the correct category.

What is needed on Card 1? I have entered all required fields with asterisks and still it is giving me an error.

Please review the TVC Grants Portal User Guide located on the website.

If you have two grants, how do you start the second grant?

Please refer to the TVC Grants Portal User Guide, page 22.

We have added “Fuel” and “Transportation Assistance” to the list of services we provide, but when we try to add either to the budget, they do not show up as a possible Client Service Category to be added to the budget. These are allowable costs per the RFA. How can we add these to our budget?

Refer to the Program Requirements and Terms & Conditions, Appendix G.

Questions and Responses About Account Registration

Validation complete? We have registered and just now getting ready to start on the grant. How do you know you have been validated?

Please refer to the TVC Grants Portal User Guide, page 11-15.

We are still having problems completing account registration and validation. Help!

Please watch the Q&A and step-by-step walkthrough of account registration, setup, and validation in the new TVC Grants Portal:
Watch the Recording | TVC Grants Portal User Guide

We registered in the portal and did not receive a reply within the 2 business days as stated when we registered.

Sometimes messages from the TVC Grants Portal do not get through your organization or domain’s spam filters. All organizations attempting to register for TVC grant funding should verify with your IT Administrator that automated emails from the email domain are not blocked.

As shown in the  TVC Grants Portal User Guide, the automated email confirming registration and providing further instructions will come from

Your IT Administrator should adjust server and mailbox settings to allow all communications from the email domain so that future email notifications are not blocked.

After whitelisting the domain and address above, if you and your IT Administrator cannot locate the automated email, complete these steps:

  1. Visit the TVC Grants Portal at this URL:
  2. Enter the email you used when completing your registration into the Username field.
  3. Click “reset or create password”.
  4. Enter new password for first time access.

Questions and Responses About Organization Updates

How do I add people in the “People Card”? There is no ‘Create New’ button available anywhere under the “People Card” so that I can create profiles for all of the management officials in my organization.

Refer to the TVC Grants Portal User Guide for instructions on adding additional personnel.

I am trying to update my Organization, but on the pulldowns, it only shows the 2 personnel I entered. How do get the pulldown to show more names?

Please refer to the TVC Grants Portal User Guide, page 15.

How can I remove a person from the People Card (list)?

Moderators can add and delete people in their organization by updating the People Card. Please refer to the 

TVC Grants Portal User Guide for instructions.

How do you update information in our organization tab after it has already been validated?

Information cannot be updated once the organization validates their information.

The portal does not allow my organization’s UEI number to be entered?

The number is not a required field.