Resources For 2023-24 TVC Grant Applicants

The Fund for Veterans’ Assistance (FVA) administers organization grants for the Texas Veterans Commission. FVA grants help Texas units of local government and qualified nonprofit organizations to address the needs of Veterans and their families in their local communities.

2023-24 Grant Applications Accepted

Applications must be submitted in the TVC Grants Portal before the system deadline, in order to be considered for funding.

The deadline for questions is November 28, 2022 at 5pm Central Time.
The deadline for applications is December 5, 2022 at 5pm Central Time.

2023-34 Request For Applications Published

2023-34 Program Requirements and Terms & Conditions Published

Questions about the Request For Applications

All questions on the following Request For Application topics must be submitted to with “2023-24 [FAQ topic area inserted here] Question” in the subject line of the email. Topics currently addressed include:

RFA questions & answers

The deadline for questions is November 28, 2022 at 5pm Central Time.

Responses are published Tuesdays and Fridays. Questions specific to an organization’s grant application or proposed project will not be answered, due to the competitive nature of the grant program.


2023-24 Grant Cycle: TVC Grant Application Webinar

An overview of the new TVC Grants Portal and how to apply for a 2023-24 TVC grant. Staff will discuss system access, Organization registration and profile setup, Moderator user role & functions, Creating and submitting an application, the TVC Grants Portal User Guide, and more.

2023-24 Grant Cycle: Request For Applications Webinar

An overview of funding opportunities, grant restrictions, and Electronic Grant Management System changes for potential grant applicants. Includes a discussion of changes to 2023-24 Fund for Veterans’ Assistance grant opportunities, and the estimated timeline for 2023-24 Fund for Veterans’ Assistance grant awards.

Competing For Renewal In 2023-24? Change Management Webinar for 2022-23 Awarded Grantees

This session covered ESSENTIAL information on 2023-24 grant funding for 2022-23 awarded grantees, including:

  • How to “clone” your current grant in the New TVC Grants Portal
  • Amendments
  • Grant quantity limitations (per grantee organization, and per grant program)

New TVC Grants Portal Q&A: How To Register And Validate Your Account

In this Q&A session, Fund for Veterans’ Assistance staff walk you through the steps required to finish creating, setting up, and validating an organization account in the New TVC Grants Portal.

Q&A On Using The New TVC Grants Portal

In this online event, staff provided technical support for grant applicants needing assistance in the New TVC Grants Portal.


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