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Frequently Asked Questions
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All questions on the following Request For Application topics must be submitted to with “2023-24 [FAQ topic area inserted here] Question” in the subject line of the email:

Responses Posted Tuesdays and Fridays

Questions specific to your organization’s grant application or proposed project will not be answered.

I do not see my submitted question on the FAQ page.

Questions may be changed prior to posting to ensure they are general questions that applies to all organizations. Please read all FAQ categories that relate to your submitted question, to see if the response has been posted:

Questions regarding how to complete the application cannot be answered.

We registered in the portal and did not receive a reply within the 2 business days as stated when we registered.

Sometimes messages from the TVC Grants Portal do not get through your organization or domain’s spam filters. All organizations attempting to register for TVC grant funding should verify with your IT Administrator that automated emails from the email domain are not blocked.

As shown in the  TVC Grants Portal User Guide, the automated email confirming registration and providing further instructions will come from

Your IT Administrator should adjust server and mailbox settings to allow all communications from the email domain so that future email notifications are not blocked.

After whitelisting the domain and address above, if you and your IT Administrator cannot locate the automated email, complete these steps:

  1. Visit the TVC Grants Portal at this URL:
  2. Enter the email you used when completing your registration into the Username field.
  3. Click “reset or create password”.
  1. Enter new password for first time access.

Questions and Responses On Grant Programs & Services

Does TVC provide grants for financial assistants to veterans?

Review the 2023-2024 Request for Applications, beginning on page 4 for a complete explanation of TVC’s grant programs and eligibility requirements.

Callahan, Parker, and Wise Counites are counties we serve but are not listed on the rural counties list this year. Is there a particular reason?

Rural Counties are determined by the Office of Rural Health Policy, please contact the Office of Rural Health for their policy questions.

Are all the 2023-24 veterans service program grants in the RFA administered by reimbursement only?

Review the 2023-2024 Request for Applications, Section II. Grant Programs and Goals.

Food Pantry is not listed as allowable for Financial Assistance grants in the 23-24 RFA. Will Food Pantry be an allowable item under the Financial Assistance service category for 2023-24 funding?

Food Pantry & Hygiene services are allowed in Homeless Veteran Support service category projects. Food Voucher services are allowed in Financial Assistance service category projects.

Please refer to the 2023-2024 Request for Applications: II. Grant Programs and Goals, a) Financial Assistance [page 5-6]; c) Homeless Veteran Support [page 9]; VI. Definitions of Key Terms, “Food Pantry” and “Food Voucher” [page 37]. Also refer to Program Requirements and Terms & Conditions, Appendix G [pages 95 and 100].

Is there a low-income requirement for veterans that will be served under the Pro Bono Legal Services section of the General Assistance Program?

Please refer to the Please refer to the 2023-2024 Request for Applications: II. Grant Programs and Goals, e) Pro Bono Legal Services [page 10].

Can homeless veterans only be served under Homeless Veteran Support or can they be served under the Financial Assistance or Supportive Services service categories. If they can be served under these other categories, is a documented service in HMIS required for reimbursement?

HMIS is required under Homeless Veteran Support grants as stated in the 2023-2024 Request for Applications.

Can homeless veterans only be served under the Homeless Veteran Support category?

Please refer to the notes section for the service category to determine if individuals are eligible for services.

For the Veterans Mental Health grant program and Clinical Counseling service category, may an LCSW (PhD) oversee and supervise service providers who are MSW’s?

Please refer to the 2023-2024 Request for Applications., page 12, Veterans Mental Health Program.

Is there a turn-around time, mandatory project window/completion date, or expend deadline associated with the Housing 4 Texas Heroes grant program?

Please refer to the 2023-2024 Request for Applications for all requirements listed for each grant category specified.

Questions and Responses About The Application

How do we prioritize an application?

Neither the applicant or TVC staff can prioritize an application.

Is there a place outside of the TVC Grant Portal to see all of the application questions before creating an account?

An applicant has to register and create an account in the TVC Grant Portal in order to see the application questions.

What are you requesting for the organization documents?

The required documents that must be included with the application are listed on page 23 of the 2023-2024 Request for Applications, IV. 2023-2024 Funding Opportunity and Application Guidelines: K. Required Financial Documents with Application.

The form is asking what year we started serving Veterans. We started serving veterans in 2021.

Organizations must enter the date they started serving Veterans.

Does a County Government need to answer the application questions regarding Total Assets; Total Liabilities; and Net Assets at the end of the year?

Please review the application to determine if items are required fields in order to submit the validation or application.

Please define Principal participants. Are all users and moderators considered Principal participants?

Please refer to the 2023-2024 Request for Applications, Definition of Key Terms [page 41] for definitions. 

On ‘Organization Information’, is that requesting the organization’s information or the grant’s information?

That section is for the organization’s information.

Are the policy and procedure documents listed on the portal required?

All required items are indicated by a red asterisk.

While filling out organization section, what do you mean by the following?

“Is the physical address the same as the headquarters address?”

“Is the mailing address the same as the physical address?”

Physical address is where the clients receive services and mailing address is where the organization receives mail.

I got the following message. What does this mean? If we are under renewal, we still need to apply for a grant, correct?

“Please withdraw one of your duplicate applications if you do not intend to submit it.”

Organizations cannot apply to two grants within the same grant category.

Under Program Requirements: Appendix G, Section III. B., The grant allows expenses for “budgeted or grant project employees” to attend a conference. Are employees not budgeted in Salaries but work on the grant project allowed to attend conferences or training that benefits the program?

Please refer to the 2023-2024 Request for Applications, II. Grant Programs and Goals, 4. Veterans Treatment Court Program., Notes for Veteran Treatment Courts, a) page 15 and Program Requirements, Appendix G: Budget Categories & Subcategories for Grant Planning & Budget Forecasting, III. Travel Group, B. Grant Staff Travel-Conferences and C. Grant Staff Travel-Training, pages 85 and 86.

Regarding Brochures/ Flyers for Veterans Treatment Court Program. In the RFA: Section II. D. 4.(Veterans Treatment Courts – notes) section f disallows marketing and outreach costs for the VTC program. In the Program Requirements: Appendix G Section VI. A-ODC Printing: states “Materials for advertising of grant project or outreach activities” are allowed. We would like to use grant funds to pay for printing brochures that provide Justice Involved Veterans information about our court program and how to contact court staff. Is brochure printing an allowable expense?

Please refer to the 2023-2024 Request for Applications, II. Grant Programs and Goals, 4. Veterans Treatment Court Program., Notes for Veteran Treatment Courts, f) page 15.

I can’t remember if somewhere along the way I “clicked” one service category over another. How do I know which service category was selected?

To find which service category you selected, check the blue box at the top which has the application information.

We currently have a VCSO grant but that option is not available in the drop down, how do I find it?

VCSO is not a grant category but an opportunity. If you state “yes” under VCSO you then have to choose a grant category such as General Assistance, Housing for Texas Heroes, or Veterans Mental Health. If a renewal, your agency must select the same one they are currently providing services under.

Questions and Responses About The Application Budget

If an eligibile beneficiary has Substance Use Disorder, are both in-patient and out-patient EBP (Evidence Based Practices) treatments eligible expenditures in a proposed project?

Review the 2023-2024 Request for Applications, Section III, Veteran Mental Health Program and the Program Requirements, Appendix G.

We will be competing for renewal on both our grants, but the renewal applications will not be a replica of last year’s grant due to the change in amount that will be requested (budget will change). How does that work within the system?

The only budget change should be to the VTC grant if applicable. The other renewal grants should be for the same amount or less for current year. Applications are required to be submitted in line with the RFA for this funding cycle (2023-2024 Request for Applications).

In our current Veterans Treatment Court grant, we have funding allocated under travel for the VTC Judge. Can these funds be reallocated from the Veterans Treatment Court grant to our Veterans Mental Health grant?

Please refer to the 2023-2024 Request for Applications Part II, Grant Program and Goals, Section 4, Veterans Treatment Court Program, Note d.

We are a grantee competing for renewal. In the Renewal webinar, we were told HMIS expenses may be added to the grant award. Can we use our current (metro region) HMIS for all our clients, or do we have to contract with each area’s HMIS provider within our service territory?

Expenses for HMIS are only allowable for agencies under the Homeless Veteran Support service category. If not in your grant, and you are eligible to compete for renewal, it cannot be added. Renewal applications must be a replica of the current grant. Changes may be made during negotiations.

Questions and Responses About Key Personnel

Are we required to submit resumes for principal participants?

Please see 2023-2024 Request for Applications page 26, Part IV, Funding Opportunity and Application Guidelines, Section Q, Application Package

How do we add more people in the application?

Please review the TVC Grants Portal User Guide page 15.

Questions and Responses About Grant Renewal

If we have an amendment that we would like to make to our current grant, can we incorporate these changes into our renewal/clone application? Does the amendment have to be approved by Dec. 5 in order to do this?

Amendment has to be approved prior to December 5th to be able to incorporate it in your replicated grant.

How do we find out if we are a renewal candidate? We applied last year but we are not sure if we are competing for renewal, or currently operating on a renewed grant.

Please visit the TVC webpage 2022-2023 Grantees Home, Webinars > October 12, 2022: Competing For Renewal – Change Management Webinar For 2022-23 Awarded Grantees and review the slides.


Will the new grant system be for all aspects of grant managment?


When do the funding limits in the 2023-24 RFA take effect? Are current grants in operation through June 30 subject to reduction for the current year (2022-23), or does this relate to grants that will be managed in the new TVC Grants portal only (2023-24)?

The 2023-2024 Grant period starts on July 1, 2023.

Character counts are significantly lower on narrative answers in the app in the new system. For a renewal are we allowed to revise these answers for brevity so they are within the character limits?

Grantees replicating the current award in the new portal should keep answers short but include the main points of the current approved application.

For a renewal application, which attachments do we submit, the same as last years or updated documents?

The application should include the most recent documents.

As a renewal grantee, do we submit an application or wait for commission recommendation?

All grantees requesting funding in the 2023-2024 cycle must submit an application.

If we have a current awarded grant and are eligible for renewal, do we submit an application?

All agencies, both those eligible for renewal and new grants, must apply in the new grant portal.

Questions and Responses About Required Financial Documents

Our organization is both a Unit of Local Government and an IRS Code 501(c)3 nonprofit organization authorized to do business in Texas. Are we exempt from submitting financial documentation per RFA Section IV. K. “Required Financial Documentation with Applications”, paragraph 1?

The applying entity has to submit the required financial documents for the type of applying entity per the 2023-2024 Request for Applications.

To validate the organization there are sections requesting documents on Capitalization, Cash Management, Payroll, Procurement, Travel, Vendor Payments. It says to add documents for each one. I am assuming these are policy/procedure documents?

Please review the application to determine if items are required fields in order to submit the validation or application.

What financial documents are you requiring for the application?

Please refer to the 2023-2024 Request for Applications, IV. 2023-2024 Funding Opportunity and Application Guidelines, K. Required Financial Documentation with Applications, page 23.

Questions and Responses About Organization Eligibility To Apply

We are with a non-profit organization that recently relocated to Texas, and are in the process of changing our registered non-profit status to Texas. Are we eligible to apply for the 2023-24 grants, or do we need to wait until the next round after our status in Texas is finalized?

Please refer to the 2023-2024 Request for Applications, IV. 2023-2024 Funding Opportunity and Application Guidelines: “F. Eligible Applicants”; and “G. Not Eligible to Apply” [page 22].

I would like to submit my Post for a grant. Is an organization like ours eligible to apply for a TVC Grant?

Please refer to the 2023-2024 Request for Applications, IV. 2023-2024 Funding Opportunity and Application Guidelines: “F. Eligible Applicants”; and “G. Not Eligible to Apply” [page 22].

Questions and Responses About Beneficiary Eligibility

What does TVC define as a dependent? The Hazelwood Act sets their dependent eligibility at 25 years old. Should our grant operate under similar parameters?

Please refer to the 2023-2024 Request for Applications, Definition of Key Terms [page 35] for definitions.

Questions and Responses About Other Topics

The staffer you send emails to is no longer with our organization. Can you change the RFA Alerts email address for our organization to

To remove an email address from the RFA Alerts distribution list, please click “Unsubscribe” in the footer of the email. At any time, organizations may add staff to the RFA Alerts email distribution list by completing the form at