Housing for Texas Heroes Grants

Awarded programs modify beneficiary-owned housing for accessibility, critical repairs, and/or weatherization purposes. Eligible beneficiaries must (at a minimum):

  • Be considered a Low or Very Low-Income Household (minimum qualifiers apply),


  • Be a Disabled Veteran as determined by the Veterans Administration

Very Low & Low-Income beneficiaries are considered the highest priority for services. TVC grant funding is capped per street address. Additional modifications may be performed by supplementing the TVC-funded modification with other sources of funding, such as private or foundation grants.

Home modification

Projects to improve home accessibility and quality of life for independent living. Modifications may include (but are not limited to) walkways, ramps, sliding doors, handrails, kitchen and bathroom modifications.

Critical home repairs

Includes (but not limited to) plumbing, electrical, interior walls, flooring, and lighting.

Home weatherization

Includes (but not limited to) doors, windows, siding, and roofing.

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Organization Grants Awarded Yearly

The Fund for Veterans’ Assistance administers the Commission’s Housing For Texas Heroes grants to local governments, non-profits, and veterans service organizations. The Fund (or FVA) does not award funding directly to individuals or families.