United States Air Force

I was the first female member of my family to join the armed forces. My parents had to sign for me to accept my commission because of my age. They both were so very proud.  My father instilled a sense of duty and honor, my mother instilled confidence that I was to be a wave of the future for successful women! My church, community, family and friends were happy for me and looked to me as being an example and mentor for other women to follow.

I served in the United States Air Force as a nurse for 12 years, reaching the rank of Major. I loved and learned every moment of my military service. It was a foundation of my 30-year nursing career.  I continued working with families, infants and children, and older adults until my retirement. My military experiences were exceptional! Not only as an Obstetrical Nurse, I worked in Newborn Nurseries, Neonatal ICU, General Medical Surgical, Psychiatry and Aeromedical Evacuation as a Flight Nurse and instructor. In addition, I met my fabulous husband of 32, years during my active service.

Being young and fearless in the military was a stable. As we were ending the war, we all knew we had a job to continue and fulfill. No matter what the assignment was, I was never hesitant to go. I have many stories to tell just like my women veteran comrades. Today, I still have lifelong friends that cannot be replaced. We established a bond that has not been broken. I will never ever forget these women who helped keep me grounded in life. I am very grateful and proud to have served my country. Grateful to have been a leader. I do know that with everything I have seen, both the incredible and some tragic, the service afforded me opportunities I would have never experienced. Truly it was by the Grace of God that I was able to serve successfully in my military career. I highly recommend it and remain very proud of those women who followed! Look at us: “We are Not Invisible”!