U.S. Army Veteran

I’m a wife, mother of four children, and grandmother of ten grandchildren.  I’ve been married for 36 yrs. to (Retired, USA) Sgt. Major Russell Adams.

I started my military career at the age of 26 in the US Army; I served from 1980-1992.  I went to Ft. McCullen Alabama for Basic Training.  My first duty assignment was with the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, the 159th MASH, as a Clinical Specialist as I was a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) prior to entering the service.  I had several other MOS’s throughout my career, which included Administrative Supervisor, Flight Operations Specialist, Training NCO, and Flight Medic.  After twelve years of service I left the military because of medical issues due to a knee and neck injury.  With the support of my husband and the GI Bill I was able to go back to school and earn my degree as a Registered Nurse.

After receiving my degree as a Registered Nurse, I worked in the Emergency room for twelve years in Louisiana.  When we moved to Texas in 2007, I worked in the Emergency room, and Day Surgery and Recovery at Sugar Land Methodist Hospital until retiring in 2012.

I joined Disabled American Veteran (DAV) Chapter 233 Fort Bend County in 2011.  The DAV is a Non-Profit advocacy organization for veterans and their families.  All the services DAV provides are free of cost to all veterans and their families of all eras.  All the Service Officers are strictly volunteers.  I joined DAV because I wanted to help make a difference by helping other veterans receive the VA benefits they had rightfully earned.

I take pride in being able to have served on the DAV Chapter 233, Executive Committee for the past 5 yrs.  I started with being a Junior Vice Commander, then Senior Vice Commander and was the Chapter Commander from May 2018- May 2019.  This is my fourth year as a Chapter Service Officer.  I’m very compassionate about being a Chapter Service Officer.  Being an advocate for our service women and men is very important to me, I think of it as “paying it forward”.  The DAV is all about Veterans helping Veterans, educating veterans and their families about their earned benefits, educating the public about the great sacrifices that our women and men veterans have endured for the cost of our freedoms, and the hardships veterans face when transitioning back into civilian life.

My hobbies include; teaching American Sign Language (ASL), traveling, spending quality time with my grandchildren, and Interpreting for the Deaf at church. I’m proud to say that I’m a Woman Veteran of the US Army.  I will continue to volunteer my time as a Chapter Service Officer, as one Veteran helping another Veteran.

Audrey Adams, Staff Sgt, USA