U.S. Marine Veteran

Alesha Walker is the Director of Client Services and Veteran Programs at Dress for Success Houston.

As a veteran herself, Alesha understood the challenges women veterans faced when transitioning to civilian careers.  Due to family obligations, lack of knowledge of veteran resources and mental health services, women veterans become more isolated than male service members.  In August of 2014, Alesha implemented and developed events that focused on professional development specifically for women veterans.  The Dress for Success Houston Veteran Program focused on transferable skills between military service and the civilian job market.

In the fifth year of offering veteran specific programs, Alesha worked to expand the program to take a more holistic approach to address additional unmet needs of women veterans in the greater Houston area.  Growing from four veteran specific events per year in 2014, to offering 22 events in 2019, women veterans are now be able to attend workshops on various topics such as: The Power of Positive Thinking; Goal Setting & Action Plans; Resiliency & Coping with Stress; Navigating the VA; E-Colors Personality Assessments; and Disability Claims Clinics.

Since 2014, Alesha has helped Dress for Success Houston serve nearly 1,300 women veterans.  What Alesha finds most rewarding about working for Dress for Success Houston is that when a woman veteran joins the program, she usually finds a friend that can relate to her story and the challenges she has faced.  Through this friendship, women veterans encourage, uplift and hold one another accountable; building their confidence to face their professional and personal journeys in the civilian community.