Webinar: 2019-20 Newly Awarded Grantee Training & GovGrants Walkthrough

New Fund for Veterans’ Assistance grantees across the Lone Star State geared up to start their awarded projects with staff’s July 11th tutorial. This training provides more basic information about working with the FVA staff, and the mechanics of managing a grant funded by the Texas Veterans Commission.

Click here to register and view a recording of the Newly Awarded Grantee webinar. This training covers:

  • Working With Your Grant Officer
  • Know Your Contract
  • Reporting
  • Supporting Document Policy
  • GovGrants Walkthrough
  • Approval Steps
  • Acknowledging & Promoting Your FVA Grant

Staff encountered technical difficulties during the Q&A, and GovGrants & Approvals sections of the Newly Awarded Grantee Webinar, and have posted a walkthrough of the main processes in GovGrants separately below.

Click here to register and view a recording of the GovGrants and Approvals webinar. This training covers:

  • Requesting an Advance Payment
  • How to submit a Payment Reimbursement Request
  • How to submit a Progress Report
  • Approvals process
  • Approvals escalation process


Featured Photo Background Source: The U.S. Army, “Sector of Fire” on Flickr. Creative Commons License, Attribution Required.

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