Webinar: 2019-20 Awarded Grantee Training

Awards for the 2019-2020 grant year are about to begin. Do you know how to work with the Fund for Veterans’ Assistance? FVA staff conducted an Awarded Grantee webinar on Thursday, June 6th to introduce 2019-2020 grantees to their FVA grant awards.

This training covers:

  • FVA Staff (1:29)
  • Expectations (3:20)
  • Introduction To Your New FVA Grant (5:26)
  • Maintaining Your FVA Grant (10:15)
  • Compliance (14:05)
  • Communications (19:48)
  • GovGrants (30:56)
  • Next Trainings (42:02)
  • Questions (42:49)
  • Contact Information (1:00:40)

Click here to register and view a recording of the webinar. Click here for the webinar slides (8MB, PDF) or the handout (PDF).

Fast forward to 42:49 to hear staff answer questions from attendees, including:

  • Will returning grantees need to submit W-9 and Direct Deposit information again?
  • Does just the logo or the entire text from the slide have to be included in our materials?
  • Can we submit an ID card verification form in place of photocopying an ID for beneficiaries?
  • For the Option to Renew, is the 3rd quarter benchmark for performance and expenditures?
  • What date do my Policies & Procedures need to be submitted by? Should they be uploaded or emailed?
  • In GovGrants, I don’t see options to upload additional documents. When will this be available?
  • If/when we have staff changes, how do we notify FVA?
  • Where can I find the W-9 and Direct Deposit forms?
  • If we have funding left over from a prior grant, can we roll it over into the new grant?
  • Will Progress Reports be due quarterly or monthly?
  • When will we start negotiations?
  • How soon can we submit an amendment?
  • What client eligibility documents are accepted?
  • If we are offered a renewal, is the renewal grant for the same amount and budget?
  • Do you want our fiscal policies and procedures?
  • We do not have a single policy manual. What specific policies are you looking for?
  • Can we submit multiple changes from different types of amendments in a single GovGrants amendment?

Featured Photo Background Source: The U.S. Army, “Sector of Fire” on Flickr. Creative Commons License, Attribution Required.

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