Webinar: 2018-2019 Grant Amendments, How-To & Deadline

The deadline to submit grant amendments in the 21018-2019 cycle is coming soon. Do you know how to request an amendment?

FVA staff conducted a short webinar on Thursday, March 14th to remind current grantees how the amendment process works, clarify what information is needed for various types of amendments, and to answer questions about the amendment process.

Click here to register and view a recording of the webinar. Click here for the 2018-2019 Grants Amendment Training Slides (PDF).

Fast forward to 8:35 to hear staff answer questions from attendees, including:

  • Q: If our original grant was for $X, does our amendment need to equal X or can it be less if our expenses have reduced?
  • Q: What documentation is required to ask for a time extension amendment?
  • Q: You mentioned that existing grantees who submit a Time amendment request to extend their grant period will have to “choose between” this grant and a 2019-20 FVA grant, if awarded. Would we have to forego the entire 2019-20 grant, or just the portion that would overlap with the extended 2018-19 grant?
  • Q: Will a recording of this webinar be sent out?
  • Q: We have an employee who is part of our grant who will be out on maternity leave. There will be a new staff person stepping into her place. How do we proceed with that?
  • Q: We have one employee dedicated to our project. Up until now, the percentage of their time has been set at Y%. In the next few months, that percentage will become higher. May I change that percentage amount?
  • Q: If you need to transfer funds from two line items does that count as two separate amendments? Or just one budget revision?
  • Q: The amendment can be used, when you are looking to use funds available from one entity (Payroll) to another entity (Services) on the same Grant year?
  • Q: May we get a transcript of all the questions and answers from this webinar?

Featured Photo Background Source: The U.S. Army, “Sector of Fire” on Flickr. Creative Commons License, Attribution Required.

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