Veterans Treatment Courts receive with $250K in grants to get veterans back on track

The Fund for Veterans Assistance (FVA) awarded Veteran Treatment Courts in 17 counties a combined total of $250,000 for FY 19-20. These grants assist the courts with their mission of getting justice involved veterans back as positive members into their communities.

FVA grantee Galveston County Veterans Treatment Court tells how these courts benefit their veterans; watch Galveston’s video at

Since 2010, $11 million in FVA grants have been awarded to Veteran Treatment Courts across Texas.

The program is designed to provide veterans convicted of a crime the resources and assistance to return to society. To succeed, the court presents each with an individualized plan to complete over a period of several months. Regular court appearances are scheduled to monitor progress. If the veteran successfully completes the treatment, charges may be permanently removed.

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