Veteran employment success overcomes barrier of homelessness

Navy veteran Belinda Wright, after honorably transitioning in May 2022, became unemployed, homeless and with little savings for her and her child. She met TVC Employment Services Veterans Career Advisor (VCA) and Army veteran Beverly “Bev” Davis at the Workforce Solutions Center in Irving in August. Davis immediately connected Wright with needed support services to find housing and alleviate her immediate financial burdens. Davis found that Wright’s Navy experience matched construction industry project management. Together, they began tailoring a resume and working on interview techniques.

Read the whole story below, as reported by Ron Abrams, TVC Employment Services North Texas District Outreach Coordinator and Army veteran:

Veteran hired in position created for her after homelessness!

photo of Belinda Wright

Belinda Wright, pictured, is a 13-year Navy veteran, and the single mother of a child under the age of 18. Her Military Occupational Experience allowed her to gain significant knowledge and abilities. Although Wright honorably transitioned from the US Navy in May of 2022, she and her child found themselves homeless with very little savings. However, after having self-identified as a woman veteran, she visited the Workforce Solutions Center in Irving. Texas, on 2 Aug 2022 and was introduced to Beverly Davis, a Veterans Career Advisor (VCA), for the Texas Veterans Commission. Bev (VCA) quickly determined that the veteran qualified for Individualized Career Services and the US DOL’s JVSG (Jobs for Veterans State Grants) Program; based on two qualifying Significant Barriers to Employment: Homelessness and Low Income.


Bev immediately contacted organizations that provide supportive services to veterans in low-income status and experiencing homelessness. The veteran was able to secure adequate housing for her and her child; and Bev was able to alleviate the veteran’s immediate financial burdens, by contacting grant funded service organizations within the Irving, Texas area. As to her immediate need for employment, it was determined that the Wright possessed substantial knowledge, skills and abilities within the construction industry and in Human Resources/Training which were acquired through her U.S. Navy career.  A review of the military terminology for the experience gained in the U.S. Navy translated to an exact match for a project manager; the veteran’s experience in training also concentrated heavily on the construction industry.

photo of Beverly Davis

Bev, pictured, used this information to assist the veteran in creating a resume that was tailored to the project management field and encouraged the veteran to attend scheduled training on interview techniques and interview dress; for which she was grateful to have completed. Bev felt Wright’s background could potentially produce results very quickly; encouraging her to attend an up-and-coming job fair the following week. Wright attended the job fair and was quoted as saying, “I did what you said Bev, I had my resume in hand, I was poised, I remembered my worth and skills to back it up. I was in employment paradise and approached the two employers we spoke about!”  The veteran made such an impression on the two employers, that she was interviewed on the spot for one, and was scheduled for an interview with the other.

Wright was determined to get one of the two jobs; so, she arrived 20 minutes early for the interview with the second employer. As a result, she was hired and received an offer letter from that second employer, Spring Valley Construction! However, the veteran did not get a Project Manager position, instead, they created a new position for her; hiring her on as a Project Coordinator, with a starting salary over $60K with benefits; and a start date of September 2, 2022! The veteran followed up with Bev, reporting excitement about upcoming company events, and was further quoted as saying, “I feel blessed to still have support from those who served; who are knowledgeable with resources, willing and able to help veterans and their families!”

Spring Valley Construction was voted Top 100 Places to Work in the Dallas Morning News.

The Texas Veterans Commission and North Texas District is extremely proud of the service and dedication of VCA Bev Davis; Way to Go Bev!

photo of Ron Abrams

Pictured is Ron Abrams, TVC Employment Services North Texas District Outreach Coordinator and Army veteran.

Veterans throughout Texas can find the TVC Veteran Employment Services team in 90 locations across state including 70 American Job Centers.  Find your local office.

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