Solving veteran problems & needs motivates new Blanco County Veteran Service Officer

photo of Wendy Strunk

“Whatever the veteran needs.  When a veteran comes to me with a problem they are facing, my purpose as a VSO (Veterans Service Officer) is to help them solve that problem,” said Blanco County Veterans Service Officer and Army veteran Wendy Strunk when asked what services are provided to veterans. This includes helping veterans with VA Claims and health care, licenses plates, Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption, home repairs, plus “There are several non-profit organizations around that help veterans with various needs.” Additionally, she will meet with veterans at locations more convenient to them. “Many of the veterans out here are elderly and have trouble getting around. They can schedule an appointment to see me at my office in Johnson City; or, I can meet with them at other county offices spread throughout the county.”

Strunk recently became the VSO in a county which has long been without, having started at the end of August 2022. She has received a warm welcome. “The veterans I have spoken to are very excited to have someone local that they can go to with questions.”

As for receiving benefits and services, Strunk advises “Organization helps everything go smoothly. It is important to have a list of doctors that you have seen for anything service connected. Having at least some of your medical records on paper helps as well. The most important thing is to have an advocate. The VA can be messy to navigate, no veteran should have to do that alone. I can help a veteran file a Claim with the VA for disability, pension, or education benefits. If the veteran has received a rating that they are unhappy with, I can help them file an appeal. I can let them know what to expect when going to the medical examination for compensation and pension claims. I can also assist the family of a deceased veteran with applying for state or federal burial benefits and survivor’s pension.”

Veterans in Blanco County needing assistance may contact Struck by calling or texting 830-330-1827 or email .

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