The SECC 2021 Campaign has Begun!!!

OUR GOAL IS $22,000

We are hopeful that we will see 100% participation this year!  The charities we support can continue their missions, whether it’s helping veterans, feeding families, fighting disease, preventing homelessness, or performing any of the other charitable activities that contribute to a stronger Texas!

This is where we celebrate you and your generous spirit. Take a look at some of our SECC donors from last year. These folks may have their pictures up again this year. But let’s add some new ones! Let’s put YOU up here, inspiring others to give to their favorite charities through the SECC campaign.

Remember, Together We Are Texas Strong!


Julia Conner
Phone: 512-750-8184

Cindy Kendrick
Phone: 512-826-6479



Congratulations to HCAD for 100 % SECC participation!