2020-2021 FVA Grants: Budget Subcategories

Each budget category in FVA grants consists of subcategories, in order to assist staff and grantee in managing and reporting expenses.
The budget categories and subcategories are listed below. Additional details of what costs are allowable within each subcategory are listed in the right column.
Only costs listed are allowable costs within FVA grants. An applicant/grantee must have the subcategory/cost listed in the approved budget to be claimed. An explanation of the cost must be included in the budget narrative, …

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Award Process For 2020-2021 FVA Grants

Texas Veterans Commission’s Fund for Veterans’ Assistance (TVC FVA, or just FVA) awards competitive, reimbursement-based grants in a multi-step process involving an eligibility screening by staff, recommendations on funding awards by the FVA Advisory Committee, and a final vote to award funds by the Texas Veterans Commissioners.
Here’s what you need to know about the award process while you prepare to submit your application.
Step 1: Applications Submitted
August 24, 2019 – October 25, 2019
First, complete your application …

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8/7/2019: Technical Issues / Grantee Portal

Grantee Alert: GovGrants is experiencing known issues for active grantees as of August 7, 2019. These include:

Task for July Payment Reimbursement Request not appearing for some grantees;
Wrong Signing Authority name and/or title populating in the Notice of Grant Award for some grantees;
Grantee locked out of Final Closeout Report if user did not check the “Final” box before saving and submitting.

Staff has reported these issues to the software provider. Update expected soon.

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Grant Management FAQ: 2019-2020 Reporting Schedule

As a condition of FVA funding, Grantee organizations are required to provide information regarding grant performance along with expense documentation on a regular schedule. The dates for these reports (either due from Grantee, or initiated by Grant Officer) are listed here:
Standard 2019-2020 Grant Reporting Schedule
August 15, 2019

First Payment Reimbursement Request due

September 15, 2019

Second Payment Reimbursement Request due

October 15, 2019

Third Payment Reimbursement Request due
First Quarterly Progress Report due

November 15, …

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Webinar: Payment Reimbursement Request (PRR) Webinar

Fund for Veterans’ Assistance staff has prepared a webinar to train grantees on how to report data back to TVC in your organization’s monthly Payment Reimbursement Request.
With FVA’s transition to the GovGrants system, returning grantees will learn about important updates to FVA’s procedures. New grantees will learn the nuts and bolts of how to submit the Payment Reimbursement Request report in GovGrants, and how to work with the PRR spreadsheet customized by your Grant Officer.
Click here to register …

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Webinar: 2019-20 Newly Awarded Grantee Training & GovGrants Walkthrough

New Fund for Veterans’ Assistance grantees across the Lone Star State geared up to start their awarded projects with staff’s July 11th tutorial. This training provides more basic information about working with the FVA staff, and the mechanics of managing a grant funded by the Texas Veterans Commission.
Click here to register and view a recording of the Newly Awarded Grantee webinar. This training covers:

Working With Your Grant Officer
Know Your Contract
Supporting Document Policy
GovGrants Walkthrough
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Grant Management FAQ: Approved Budget

All Requests for Application (RFAs) from the Fund for Veterans Assistance include a definition of approved budget:
Approved Budget. The budget included in a grant application that corresponds with the amount awarded by the Commission.
Because some grantees propose costs that are unallowable in their initial application, FVA staff must negotiate the Approved Budget. Unallowed costs are removed from the grant in these negotiations.
Therefore, the Approved Budget may not match exactly with the initial budget submitted with your …

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2019 Grant Policies Published (Application & Award, and Expenditure Supporting Documents)

The Fund for Veterans’ Assistance staff has published Grant Application and Award Policies (“Policies”) and the Expenditure Supporting Document Policy (“SDP”) to support awarded grantees in the 2019-2020 grant year. The Tables of Contents for both documents are reproduced below.
Click on the name of the document you wish to view below, and the PDF will open in a new browser window.
Grant Application and Award Policies (GA&AP)

Application Phase

Application Timeline

One Account
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Meet The Fund for Veterans’ Assistance Staff

James (Jim) Bracken, Director
James (Jim) Bracken is the Director of the Fund for Veterans’ Assistance (FVA) Department. He retired from the US Marine Corps in 2013, and serves the veteran community through the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Chapter 1919 (Texas Capital Chapter). Jim has both military and state agency experience in operations, strategic planning, training, process improvement, and non-profit organizational management.


Robert J. Harriss, Staff Services Officer
I’m from Houston and served 20+ …

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Grant Application FAQ: Define a veteran

As part of the Fund for Veterans’ Assistance (FVA) application process, you will have to define a veteran. This exercise is a practical one, rather than philosophical.
Requests for Application from the Fund for Veterans’ Assistance all include definitions of surviving spouse and disabled veteran because these terms are set by our governing statutes. But some organizations have a specific population or experience in mind when designing their grant programs, so FVA asks applicants for their own definition of a …

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