Marine veteran maps his way to Texas employment

photo of Christopher Francis

Marine Corps veteran Christopher Francis, pictured, moved to Texas in June 2022, having successfully completed his Vocational Readiness & Employment (VR&E) Program. His VR&E Counselor referred him to the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC). Receiving the referral was Jim Grisham, Air Force veteran and TVC Employment Services North Texas District Coach and Rural Veteran Career Advisor (RCVA)  at the American Job Center in Weatherford. Grisham contacted Francis.

“After a thorough assessment, RVCA Grisham was able to determine that Mr. Francis was eligible for the Jobs for Veterans State Grant (JVSG) Program, after it was revealed that he was experiencing low income; a qualifying barrier to employment listed under the JVSG Grant,” said Ron Abrams, TVC Employment Services North Texas District Outreach Coordinator and Army veteran.

Read the rest of the story below, as reported by Abrams:

RVCA Jim Grisham, recommended searching for a career that related to the experiences, various positions and job duties Francis held during his ten-year military career in the United States Marine Corps. Of the positions Francis held, RVCA Grisham recognized the passion Francis exhibited when describing his skills, duties, and responsibilities as a Marine Corps Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping Technician. Using that information, Grisham sought out companies that would likely generate desired positions. To that end, Grisham was successful in facilitating networking strategies and navigation of the Applicant Tracking Systems used by the employers they were in contact with. Before long, Francis began receiving job offers which matched closely, his translatable skills and the words found in the various positions he applied for in his chosen career field.

Graphic CRG logo

As a result, Francis accepted a position as a Regional Operations Manager for a company called Critical Response Group. The company specializes in providing public safety solutions throughout the United States. They pride themselves on the ability to provide area and location mapping, including critical information that is accurate and up to date, for emergency response teams and medical personnel. Having seen Francis’ experience from the US Marine Corps training in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping and his education, they believed him to be a perfect fit for their emergency mapping services and their consultation to first responders throughout the country. With that, they offered him a starting salary of $30 an hour!

Your passion for assisting Veterans shows every day, job well done Coach Grisham!
Pictured below is TVC RCVA Jim Grisham.

photo of RCVA Jim Grisham


Veterans throughout Texas can find the TVC Veteran Employment Services team in 90 locations across state including 70 American Job Centers.  Find your local office at

The Veterans Employment Program is 99% funded through the federal grant, “Texas Jobs for Veterans State Grant Program” totaling $16,290,842.00.  An additional 1% of the program is funded with state general revenue in the amount of $122,229.00.

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