Grant Management FAQ: Expectations for Grantees and Applicants

Q: What does the Fund for Veterans Assistance expect of me as an applicant or grantee? What is FVA’s responsibility to me?

A: FVA expects applicants and grantees will:

  • Know and follow the rules and regulations of the relevant RFA, and of the Texas Veterans Commission:
  • Know and follow your organization’s Policies and Procedures; and
  • Respond promptly to inquiries from FVA staff.

Additionally, Grantees are expected to:

  • Fulfill the project expectations assisting Texas Veterans and their families;
  • Ensure financial and performance benchmarks are met while assisting Texas Veterans and their families; and
  • Know and follow your award’s Project Narrative, Budget, and Budget Narrative.

Applicant and grantee organizations can expect FVA staff will:

  • Provide support and excellent customer service to organizations applying for or receiving grant funding;
  • Be a resource for information on serving Texas Veterans and their families; and
  • Respond promptly to requests submitted in GovGrants, via email, or telephone calls.

Grantees can also expect FVA staff will:

  • Be a partner to successfully fulfill the project expectations and assist Texas Veterans.

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