GovGrants FAQ: How To Edit Your Profile

Is your GovGrants profile up to date? The Fund for Veterans Assistance expects applicant and grantee organizations will keep their contact information current in the GovGrants grant management software.

But keeping your contact information current is more than just an administrative detail. All official notices for grantees and applicants, including Request For Application announcements, are sent to the contact emails listed in GovGrants. For example:

  • Applicants:
    • Grant applicants received invitations to the FVA Advisory Committee Presentations meeting at the primary signing authority email address listed in GovGrants.
    • Notifications of Grant Award (NOGAs) and grant contract negotiations are conducted with the financial authority listed in GovGrants.
  • Grantees:
    • Grant recipients cannot certify Performance and Expenditure Reports until the new signing authority information and resumes are current (i.e. new County Judge elected, or new Executive Director hired).
    • Compliance visits and compliance-related communications must all go through the financial authority listed in GovGrants.

In other words, keeping your information current in GovGrants is essential. So don’t delay when personnel changes: use this step-by-step guide to get those updates in as soon as possible.

How To Edit Your Organization’s Profile In GovGrants

Step 1: Log in to the GovGrants Portal:

Step 2: Select Organization Profile in the task bar:

Step 3: Select the Edit Button:

Select the Edit button Figure 3: Select the Edit button.

Once the page loads, all areas that can be edited will be open for edit:

Figure 4: Open fields for the organization to edit.

Step 4: To edit Contacts, click on the edit icon (the blue pencil) under Actions on the line you wish to edit:

Once you select the edit icon, a new window will appear to edit the contact’s information.

Edit contact details in the popup window

Select Save to enter your updates into the database.

Step 5: After you complete your edits, select Save on the window.

Select the Edit Button

A Note On User Roles

Primary means the Project Manager and the grant’s main point of contact. Be aware that the email address listed for Primary will be used by the grants management system and FVA staff to communicate with the organization.

Secondary means the Financial Coordinator for the organization. In non-profit organizations, this is typically the CFO.

Signing is the Signature Authority for the organization.

EIN & DUNS Changes

Any edits to the organization EIN or DUNS numbers must be made by FVA information technology staff.

About Your Organization’s Username

GovGrants (FVA’s grants management software) and Salesforce (the database system GovGrants is based on) assign the login username based on the email address of the Primary user. In most cases, the username has a number at the end. For example:


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