Expiration of Term of Service sponsors help change to civilian life

Want to help a service member in transitioning to civilian life? Or, are you about to transition and would like a local guide?

Similar to change of station sponsors, the ETS -Expiration of Term of Service- program provides sponsors to transitioning military.

Sponsors know their hometowns and the veteran resources in their community including federal and local services. They conduct virtual sponsor sessions until the service member exits the military, focusing on specific transition goals. Post transition, sponsors meet face-to-face with the transitioned service member at local, convenient locations.

To sponsor a veteran new to civilian life or for transitioning military wanting a sponsor to guide them, visit .

“When you’re ETS’ing (released from active duty) with family already moved and U-Hauls loaded up, the last thing you’re considering is resources you may need, because you don’t even realize you may need help transitioning to civilian life until the dust starts to settle,” said Angela Erickson, Cherokee County’s Military Veteran Peer Network (MVPN) assistant volunteer coordinator, in a recent issue of the Cherokeean Herald. Read more at .

Connect with a Peer in your area with at MVPN.


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