The Purpose of the Veterans in Government is to assist Government agencies and Institutions of Higher Education in navigating the Veteran’s Employment Preference and simplify Veteran Hiring practices. In doing so, many Government Agencies have actively participated in the development of materials and resources for Veterans interested in obtaining employment in the government sector.

The Texas Veterans Commission will continue to provide information and dates for the Veterans Hiring Open House Events (both Regional and Annual), State Application Workshops and materials to assist our Veterans in the development of their State Application.

TVC’s vision is to enable Government Agencies to identify and capitalize on the skills of our men and women that have served our great nation, while enhancing the abilities of our Veterans to best put forth their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the application process.


State Agency Recruiting

State agency hiring authorities can sometimes find it difficult to navigate the numerous resources available to supplement an efficient and effective Veterans employment program. To assist state agencies with this problem and help them reach their Veteran employment goals, the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) appointed a Veterans Employment Liaison-Public Entity (VEL-PE). Working with the VEL-PE, agencies can develop a multi-channel recruiting strategy that takes advantage of the plethora of resources dedicated for Veterans employment. The VEL-PE can also provide technical assistance with the Veterans’ Preference Law.

For more information contact:

Nelson Touchett
State Coordinator VEL-PE
Veterans Employment Liaison for Public Entities
512-960-5202 (VEL-PE)
512-463-2333 (Main)