Easing frustrations with Claims

A veteran and his spouse were frustrated by the “monumental paperwork of the VA systems” which added to the spouse’s stress of taking care of her terminally ill veteran husband. The couple felt more at ease after connecting with Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) Claims Benefits Advisor (CBA) and Marine veteran Tracie Perez, pictured.

photo of Trace Perez

“Ms. Perez was able to assist them and give them hope that they could win their Claim which was submitted to the VA,” said Sal Castillo, TVC Claims Director and Air Force veteran. “They recognized that, Ms. Perez, was a ‘valuable advocate’ to them.”

“In many cases veterans and survivors struggle with submitting Claims because navigating the VA processes can be confusing and difficult. Throughout our great State of Texas, we have many hard-working Claims Benefits Advisors submitting Claims and advocating for veterans and their families. Our CBAs are knowledgeable, compassionate, and ready to advocate for veterans’ benefits no matter how difficult their case may be. Veterans and their spouses obtain the benefits that they have earned through the advocacy and assistance of our staff. TVC Claims staff is ready to assist and we encourage you to schedule your appointment today.”

Pictured below is TVC Claims Director Sal Castillo.

photo of Sal Castillo

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