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Changes to List of Approved Beneficiary Eligibility Documents for 2019-2020 Grants

As part of the grantee’s original application, organizations specify what forms and records will be accept as proof of the beneficiary’s veteran status. The Fund for Veterans’ Assistance requires that your selections be from the following list of service documents (also known as eligibility documentation):



Surviving Spouses

  • DD-214 (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard)*
    *Note: Form DD-214 is an official record of separation from the armed forces. DD-214s may look slightly different from the example provided, depending ...
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2020-2021 FVA Grants: Budget Subcategories

Each budget category in FVA grants consists of subcategories, in order to assist staff and grantee in managing and reporting expenses.

The budget categories and subcategories are listed below. Additional details of what costs are allowable within each subcategory are listed in the right column.

Only costs listed are allowable costs within FVA grants. An applicant/grantee must have the subcategory/cost listed in the approved budget to be claimed. An explanation of the cost must be included in the budget narrative, relating the ...

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Grant Application FAQ: Define a veteran

As part of the Fund for Veterans’ Assistance (FVA) application process, you will have to define a veteran. This exercise is a practical one, rather than philosophical.

Requests for Application from the Fund for Veterans’ Assistance all include definitions of surviving spouse and disabled veteran because these terms are set by our governing statutes. But some organizations have a specific population or experience in mind when designing their grant programs, so FVA asks applicants for their own definition of a veteran ...

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Grant Application FAQ: VCSO Funding

All Requests for Application (RFAs) published by the Fund for Veterans Assistance since 2017 include a definition of VCSO Funding:

VCSO Funding. SB 1679 (85th Legislature) created a 5% set-aside for VCSO applications for FVA grants.  This funding is available for General Assistance, Housing for Texas Heroes, and Veterans Mental Health grant applications with the Veteran County Service Officer listed as the Project Coordinator.


  • 2018-2019 Request ...
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Grant Management FAQ: Expectations for Grantees and Applicants

Q: What does the Fund for Veterans Assistance expect of me as an applicant or grantee? What is FVA’s responsibility to me?

A: FVA expects applicants and grantees will:

  • Know and follow the rules and regulations of the relevant RFA, and of the Texas Veterans Commission:
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Applicant FAQ: One organization, several offices. Multiple grants?

Q: Our organization has several offices across several counties using the same EIN and DUNS. We have an active grant in city A. Now, the office in city B would like to start offering these services in a new area. Can we apply for a separate grant in the same category for the two separate offices?

A: No. All offices and locations of an organization that share the same EIN and DUNs must apply for grants as one unified organization (See ...

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