2023-24 Grant Year: Request For Applications

2023-24 Request For Applications Table of Contents


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Grant Programs and Goals



II.A. TVC Grant Programs and Funding 4
II.B. Grants Overview 4
II.C. Grant Program Goals 5
II.D. Grant Program & Funding Opportunities 5
II.D.1. General Assistance Program and Service Categories 5
II.D.1.a. Financial Assistance 5
II.D.1.b. Supportive Services 7
II.D.1.c. Homeless Veteran Support 9
II.D.1.d. Employment Support 9
II.D.1.e. Pro Bono Legal Services 10
II.D.1.f. Referral Services 10
II.D.1.g. Transportation Programs & Services 10
II.D.1.h. Veteran Small Business Support 11
II.E.2. Housing for Texas Heroes Program 11
II.E.3. Veterans Mental Health Program and Service Categories 12
II.E.3. Clinical Counseling 12
II.E.3. Peer Support Services 13
II.E.4. Veteran Treatment Court Grants 14
II.E.5. Veteran County Service Office Grants 15



FVA Grant Program Guidelines



III.A. Grant Management Standards 16
III.B. Texas Administrative Code, Part 15, Chapter 460 16
III.C. Competitive Grant 16
III.D. Reimbursement Grant 16
III.E. Awarded Grant Documents 17
III.F. Eligibility of Beneficiaries 17
III.G. Eligibility Documents 17
III.H. Document Retention 18
III.I. Grant Funding Period 18
III.J. Additional Funding 18
III.K. Grant Renewal Eligibility 18
III.L. Grant Reporting Requirements 18
III.M. Grant Amendments 18
III.N. Texas Veterans Commission Recognition 19
III.O. Prohibited Uses of FVA Grant Funds 19
III.P. Prohibited Costs for FVA Grant Funds 20



2023-2024 Funding Opportunity and Application Guidelines



IV.A. Total Funding Available and Number of Awards 21
IV.B. Funding Priorities for FVA Grants 21
IV.C. Grant Term 22
IV.D. Number of FVA Grants per Organization 22
IV.E. Application Period 22
IV.F. Eligible Applicants 22
IV.G. Not Eligible to Apply 22
IV.H. Online Grant Applications 22
IV.I. Funding Amounts per Grant Programs 23
IV.J. Matching Funds 23
IV.K. Required Financial Documentation with Applications 23
IV.L. Application Certification 24
IV.M. Application Eligibility 24
IV.N. Application Eligibility – Unallowable Expenses 25
IV.O. Ineligible Applications 25
IV.P. Application Webinar and Questions 26
IV.Q. Application Package 26



Application Review and Award Processes



V.A. Application Eligibility Assessment & Review 26
V.B. Application Awarding Process 27
V.C. Key Dates for Grant Application and Award Processes 29
V.D. FVA Grantee Training 30



Definitions of Key Terms



Annex A – FVA Grant Program Requirements and Terms & Conditions (2023-24 Grants)

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