2023-24 Grant Year: Program Requirements and Terms & Conditions

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Appendix E: Housing for Texas Heroes Home Modification, Repair, and Weatherization Projects View Online PDF Download
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Program Requirements and Terms & Conditions Table of Contents

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Program Requirements



I. Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) 17
I.A. Grant Awards 17
I.B. Publication of a Request For Application 17
I.C. Submission of an application 17
I.D. Commission discretion 17
I.E. Applicant to Grantee 17
I.F. Written authorities binding 17
II. Order of Precedence 18
II.A. Federal and State Regulations 18
II.B. Request for Applications 18
II.C. Grant Program Requirements & Terms and Conditions (PR) 18
II.D. Addenda To The Approved Application 18
II.E. Approved Application 18
II.F. Fully Executed Notice Of Grant Award (NOGA) 18
II.G. Reimbursement Documentation Requirements (RDR) 18
III. Conflicting RFA Language 18
IV. Official Notice 18
V. Change of Principal Participants 19
V.A. Equally qualified and skilled 19
V.B. Notice 19
V.C. Changes prior to award 19
VI. Changes to Grant Project 19
VII. Option to Amend 19
VII.A. Changes, additions, or deletions 19
VII.B. Considered on a case–by–case basis 19
VII.C. Commission Approval 20
VII.D. Executive Director Approval 20
VII.E. Amendment Request Deadline 20
VII.F. Final And Non–Appealable 20
VIII. Reporting Requirements 21
VIII.A. Grant Operations Reports 21
VIII.B. Scheduled Reports 22
VIII.C. Grantee Status Report (GSR) 24
VIII.D. Monthly Reports 24
VIII.E. Quarterly Outcome Reports 24
VIII.F. Closeout Reports 24
VIII.G. Supporting Documentation 25
VIII.H. Failure to Comply with Reporting Requirements 26
IX. Reporting Beneficiaries (Clients) Served 26
IX.A. Unduplicated beneficiaries served 26
IX.B. Counting beneficiaries 26
X. Accounting System 26
XI. Texas Veterans Commission Recognition 27
XI.A. Must Recognize Grant 27
XI.B. Announcements and Interviews 27
XI.C. Information and media support 27
XII. Release of Information by Awarded Applicant 27
XIII. Inspections 28
XIV. Compliance Reviews 28
XV. Beneficiary Eligibility Determination 28
XVI. Beneficiary Survey 28
XVII. Grant Management Standards 29
XVII.A. Must follow applicable standards and guidelines 29
XVII.B. Federal Grant Management Standards 29
XVII.C. Texas Administrative Code 29
XVII.D. Expenditure and Performance Benchmarks 30
XVII.E. Funds Remain in Texas 30
XVIII. Budgeting 31
XVIII.A. Explain Direct Costs 31
XVIII.B. Indirect Costs Limited 31
XVIII.C. Indirect Costs per 2 CFR 200 31
XVIII.D. Travel 32
XVIII.E. Client Services 32
XIX. Reimbursement 33
XIX.A. Only Services Already Delivered 33
XIX.B. Future Services Not Allowed 33
XIX.C. Reimbursement of Future Services 33
XIX.D. Claim accrued costs monthly 34
XIX.E. Closeout 34
XX. Program Income 34
XXI. Maintain Tax–Exempt Status 34






I. Antitrust Affirmation 36
II. Assignment or Subcontracting 36
III. Applicable Law and Venue 36
IV. Applicant Responsibilities/Compliance with Laws 36
V. Audit and Access to Records 37
VI. Records Retention 37
VII. Refund of Overpayments 37
VIII. Buy Texas 37
IX. Certification Concerning Hurricane/ Disaster Relief 38
X. Change in Law and Compliance with Laws 38
XI. Child Support Obligation 38
XII. Conflict of Interest 38
XIII. Dealings with Public Servants Affirmation 39
XIV. Debts and Delinquencies 39
XV. Disaster Recovery Plan 39
XVI. Dispute Resolution 40
XVII. E–Verify Program 41
XVIII. Entities that Boycott Israel 41
XIX. Excluded Parties 41
XX. Executive Head of State Agency Affirmation 41
XXI. False Statements 42
XXII. Force Majeure 42
XXIII. Foreign Terrorist Organizations 42
XXIV. Indemnification 43
XXV. Legal and Regulatory Actions 44
XXVI. Limitation on Authority 44
XXVII. Lobbying Prohibition 44
XXVIII. No Implied Waiver 44
XXIX. Non–Appropriation of Funds 45
XXX. Permits, Certifications and Licenses 45
XXXI. Prompt Payment 45
XXXII. Release of Application Information by TVC 46
XXXIII. Restricted Employment for Certain State Personnel 46
XXXIV. Severability 46
XXXV. Sovereign Immunity 47
XXXVI. Architectural and Engineering Contractors 47
XXXVII. Survival 47
XXXVIII. Suspension and Debarment 47
XXXIX. Termination and Enforcement 47
XL. Unfair Business Practices 48
XLI. Waiver of Consequential Damages 48

Appendix A: Approved Assistive Technology Items




Appendix B: Approved Food Voucher Items




Appendix C: Approved Food Pantry & Hygiene Items




Appendix D: Approved Starter Household Goods Items for Establishing Homes




Appendix E: Housing For Texas Heroes Home Modification, Repair, and Weatherization Projects



I. Project Checklist 65
II. Project Form 65
III. Before & After Photos 65
IV. Avoid Obstacles for Grantee Reimbursement 66
IV.A. Verify Current Ownership & Residence 66
IV.B. County Tax Appraisal District Verification 66
IV.C. Current on Loans & Property Taxes 66
IV.D. Exceptions And Prior Approvals 66
V. Allowable Costs 66
Housing for Texas Heroes Grant Project Checklist 67
Housing for Texas Heroes Grant Project Form 68
Housing For Texas Heroes Grant Project Before & After Photo Requirements 70
A. Minimum Requirements 70
B. Format Guidelines 70
C. Before & After Photo Examples 71
D. Allowable and Unallowable Items in Housing for Texas Heroes projects 76

Appendix F: Vehicle Repair




Appendix G: Budget Categories & Subcategories for Grant Planning & Budget Forecasting



I. Salary Group 83
I.A. Grant Staff – Salary 83
II. Fringe Benefits Group 84
II.A. Grant Staff – Fringe Benefits 84
III. Travel Group 85
III.A. Grant Staff Travel – Local Mileage & Fees 85
III.B. Grant Staff Travel – Conferences 85
III.C. Grant Staff Travel – Training 86
IV. Supplies Group 87
IV.A. Supplies – Office Supplies 87
IV.B. Supplies – Computer Device 88
IV.C. Supplies – Electronic Device 88
IV.D. Supplies – Office Furniture 89
IV.E. Supplies – Phone Devices 89
IV.F. Supplies – Homeless Shelter Janitorial Supplies 90
IV.G. Supplies – Kitchen Items 91
V. Client Services 91
V.A. Client Services – Rent 92
V.B. Client Services – Mortgage 92
V.C. Client Services – Utilities 94
V.D. Client Services – Food Voucher 95
V.E. Client Services – Transportation Rides 95
V.F. Client Services – Transportation Beneficiary Vehicle 96
V.G. Client Services – Child/Adult Care 97
V.H. Client Services – Funerals 97
V.I. Client Services – Assistive Technology 98
V.J. Client Services – Restorative Dental 98
V.K. Client Services – Meal Delivery Services 99
V.L. Client Services – Housing Goods 99
V.M. Client Services – Food and Hygiene Pantry 100
V.N. Client Services – Beneficiary Documents 101
V.O. Client Services – Employment 102
V.P. Client Services – Mental Health 102
V.Q. Client Services – Treatment 103
V.R. Client Services – Contractor 103
V.S. Client Services – Travel 103
V.T. Client Services – Home Modification, Repair & Weatherization 104
VI. Other Direct Costs (ODC) 104
VI.A. ODC – Printing 104
VI.B. ODC – Training Materials 105
VI.C. ODC – Outreach 105
VI.D. ODC – Fuel 106
VI.E. ODC – Vehicle Maintenance 106
VI.F. ODC – Contractor 107
VI.G. ODC – Phone Service 107
VI.H. ODC – Postage & Shipping 107
VI.I. ODC – Rent 108
VI.J. ODC – Website 108
VI.K. ODC – Software 109
VII. Indirect Costs (IDC) 110
VII.A. IDC – Facilities 110
VII.B. IDC – Administration 110

Appendix H: Mental Health Outcome Measures



I. Mental Health Outcome Measure – Reported Quarterly 112
I.A. How will grantees report the results of the tools? 112
I.B. Clinical Counseling Assessment/Inventory Tools 112
I.C. Peer Delivered Services Assessment/Inventory Tools 112
I.D. Which grantee organizations must complete these tools before and after services? 113
II. Peer Delivered Services use the Veterans Administration Personal Health Inventory 113
III. Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ) – 9, and General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – 7 113

Appendix I: Examples of Beneficiary Eligibility Verification Documents



I. Must Demonstrate Beneficiary Eligibility For Services 115
I.A. Retain records of beneficiary eligibiity 117
I.B. Confirm eligibility before providing services 117
I.C. Proof of name change(s) required 117
II. Veteran Service Record Documentation 118
II.A. Form DD-214 118
II.B. NGB-22 119
II.C. NA Form 13038 120
II.D. Honorable Discharge Certificate 122
II.E. Uniform Services Identification Card 123
II.F. Certificate verifying Active Duty Status from Department of Defense Manpower Data Center 127
II.G. Department of Veterans Affairs Summary Letter 128
II.H. Department of Veterans Affairs eBenefits Summary Letter 129
II.I. Department of Veterans Affairs Disability Letter 130
II.J. State of Texas Issued Drivers License with Veteran designation 131
III. Veteran Family Eligibility Documents 132
III.A. Uniform Services Identification Card 133
III.B. Marriage Certificate 135
III.C. Birth Certificate 135
III.D. Adoption Certificate 136
III.E. Death Certificate for the Veteran 136


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