2020-2021 FVA Grants: Budget Subcategories

Each budget category in FVA grants consists of subcategories, in order to assist staff and grantee in managing and reporting expenses.

The budget categories and subcategories are listed below. Additional details of what costs are allowable within each subcategory are listed in the right column.

Only costs listed are allowable costs within FVA grants. An applicant/grantee must have the subcategory/cost listed in the approved budget to be claimed. An explanation of the cost must be included in the budget narrative, relating the necessity of the expense to the proposed project.

FVA may disallow costs based on the explanation of the cost.

Budget Category

Budget Sub-CategoryDefinition, allowable Cost details, or other important notes



 SalariesOrganization employees working directly on the grant. Employee time allocation on the grant must be over 10%


Fringe Benefits

FICANote: Some organizations do not pay FICA, only Medicare
Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Life Insurance
Workers Compensation



Local MileageMileage cost for local travel to visit clients, partner agencies, or satellite offices. To include mileage for outreach and delivery of client payments to vendors within the project’s approved service area.

FVA will only reimburse up to current GSA.

ConferenceCost for attending a conference consisting of per diem, airfare, hotel/lodging, mileage, rental car and registration for the conference
TrainingCost for attending training that benefits the project consisting of per diem, airfare, hotel/lodging, mileage, rental car and registration for the conference
FeesFees for parking, tolls, and Cab/Metrobus/Metrorail



Please Note: TVC does not allow Capital Expenditures.

General OfficeGeneral consumable supplies usually found in an office; paper, pens, toner
Electronic DeviceElectronic devices; printer, copier, scanner, router, fax machine, projector
ComputerDesktop, laptop computer, tablets
Office FurnitureDesk, office table, office chair, file cabinet
PhoneCell phone, Desk phone (physical device)
ToolsHome modification tools, food transport case/box/cooler
Therapy SuppliesHay/feed for horses, horse tac/medical, music instruments, massage tables, program linen
Janitorial SuppliesJanitorial supplies for shelters to maintain the cleanliness of the shelter
Kitchen SuppliesKitchen supplies for foodservice


Client Services

HousingRent, mortgage, rent deposit, emergency housing, night beds in a shelter
UtilitiesElectric, water, gas, garbage, internet, cell phone service
Housing Goods Consist of items needed to set up beneficiary with a livable home; bed, linen, table, chair
TransportationVehicle repair, vehicle payment (monthly), vehicle insurance, bus passes, taxi-Uber
TrainingSkill training-certification, education materials, tools for training/certification
EmploymentTools and clothing to gain employment
FoodEmergency food, food pantry, meals-delivered (MOW), groceries to assist with new home setup
Mental HealthMental health evaluations, mental health treatment, individual and group counseling, acupuncture, massage therapy, animal therapy
DentalDental care
Assistive TechnologyTechnology to give clients self-reliance; Glasses (dependents and surviving spouses only), hearing aids, wheelchairs, wheelchair batteries, hospital bed, walking aids, lift chairs
TreatmentSubstance monitoring, substance abuse treatment, monitoring device, substance testing
ContractorA contractor providing direct client services; a contractor who provides counseling, psychological, or social services on behalf of an organization.
Child/Adult Care Child/Adult care, daycare
DocumentsCost to acquire client identification documents; birth certificate, driver’s license, SS Card
FuneralsAll cost associated with funeral/burial less reception
Home Mod-RepairModification and repairs to the house owned by the client; modifications/repairs will improve the quality of life
TravelMileage reimbursement to staff that transports clients for service; interview, doctor’s appointment. Cost per trip by organization vehicle for clients


Other Direct Costs

PrintingPrinting for program-specific literature; brochures, flyers, forms, business cards
Training MaterialsMaterials handed to clients for tracking progress in the project; calendars, project manuals, completion certificate, coins, dog tag
OutreachCost to conduct outreach; radio, television, newspaper, and social media advertisement, event table setup cost
FuelFuel for vehicles used to conduct the project – transportation grant
Vehicle MaintenanceThe maintenance cost of vehicles used for the project; tires, tire rotation, oil changes, windshield repair, insurance, registration, and other minor repairs.
Software Software specific to project including subscriptions.
ContractorContractor not providing direct client services (Outreach, Home Inspectors, Organization Finances, Security)
RentRent for a facility dedicated 100% to the program only to include utilities to run building
Phone ServiceService for phone line or cell phone
WebsiteWebsite setup and maintenance
Postage and ShippingCosts to mail and receive supplies


Indirect Costs

Applicants must list what costs are being claimed as indirect.

  • Allowable Indirect Cost Recovery for FVA grants is limited to 10% of total direct costs. Indirect cost is often considered overhead.
  • Costs claimed as direct costs that appear indirect in nature or budgets claiming no indirect costs will be scrutinized for accuracy.


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